Patrick Graybill

Performer and Deacon

One of seven children, Patrick Graybill had three deaf sisters and a deaf brother; one hearing sister became a well-known sign-language interpreter. He graduated from Kansas School for the Deaf in Olathe, and earned his Bachelor’s degree in English and his Master’s in Education at Gallaudet College. Fascinated by storytelling and acting, he initially worked as a teacher at KDES, but became involved in local Deaf-community theatrical productions, then studied at Catholic University of America’s theological seminary—mainstreamed, without support services. He joined the National Theatre of the Deaf in 1969, and his career as a performer, director, and teacher flourished. He has taught in NTID’s Performing Arts Department and Gallaudet University, and serves as Deacon of Rochester’s Emmanuel Church of the Deaf.

Photo courtesy of NTID

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