Malcolm J. Norwood

Governmental advocate

Dr. Malcolm J. Norwood—“Mac” for short—was the first deaf professional to work in the Department of Education and the first to head a major program there. He’s best known for his leading role in captioning. A native of Hartford, he was deafened at age 5 by measles and scarlet fever. He graduated from the American School for the Deaf in 1943, and from Gallaudet College in 1949, and taught at Texas School for the Deaf, ASD, and WVSDB. He received his Master’s in Education from University of Hartford in 1957, and his Ed.D. in Instructional Technology in 1976. He began his career at the newly-established federal agency, Captioned Films for the Deaf, in 1960. From 1972 until his retirement in 1988, he was Chief of Media Services and Captioned Films for the Deaf, and a closed-captioned-TV pioneer.

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